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Proof? Through the Night for quintet (2018)

Written for the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble

This piece was written during the highly politicized post-Trump inauguration, pre-Mueller Report release time.

The piece is based on a time-stretched version of the "Star Spangled Banner", specifically the text "gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there". The piece, however, ends before the music related to the word "there" appears in the time-stretched version. Over a year after the performance, the composer still wonders if the flag will still be there once the country gets past these issues.

In a time when the country was searching for proof and the skeletons of patriotism and nationalism were being used for subversive means, this piece was performed by MCME.

Premiered by the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble at Karl Geiringer Hall, March 5, 2018.