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Fixed Media

Sublimation fixed media (2020) 7'
Gosper's Glider Gun fixed media (2019) 5'
Naehrmedium fixed media (2019) 7'
vizual for oscilloscope (2018) 5'
Gli ugonotti -- Qui sotto il ciel fixed media (2017) 5'
in image of video installation (2016) 28'

Solo Works

⊆∫∀∏∉ℵ⊂∃ ∞⊕π−Ϩ⨳ for solo piano (2019) 2'
Indeciduous for the HASGS (2018) 6'
Compartmentalize for xbox 360 controller (2016) 5'

Interactive Installations

california video installation (2017)
farbpalette interactive video installation (2016)
heavy_handed interactive video installation (2016)
Ting and Ring interactive sound and video installation (2016)

Chamber Works

The Blood Red Van for accordion and toy piano (2020) Commissioned by HOCKET. 45"
The Problem with Pandas for quintet and tape (2019) Composed for Ensemble for New Music of the Hochschule für Music, Würzburg. 5'
Come On, America for quintet (2018) Composed for the Oregon Bach Festival, 2018. 6'
Proof? Through the Night for quintet (2018) Composed for Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble. 5'
Miserere mei, Deus for crumhorn quintet (2017) Commissioned by the FSU Crumhorn Ensemble. 3'
Construction Paper for percussion quartet (2016) 17'
동지 섣달에도 꽃만 핀다 for piano duet (2016) Commissioned by the Dunamis Piano Duo. 8'
Pernicious Vorticellae for quintet (2016) Composed for the Terminus Ensemble. 6'
Break, break, break for SATB choir (2015) Composed for the UGA Repertory Singers. 6'
Above Rubies for flute and laptop quartet (2014) Commissioned by Chapel Hill Contemporary Music Ensemble. 7'
For Those Who Follow for jazz quartet and fixed media (2014) 7'
Le Vin Du Solitaire for bass-baritone and piano (2014) Commissioned by Evan Adair. 5'
The Summit of Life for string quartet and oboe (2013) Composed for the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival -- Fairbanks, AL 7'
The Bells for mezzo-soprano and piano (2012) 9'

Please contact Stewart at < engartst [at] gmail [dot] com > for WAV files.